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How to Create A Fiverr Account. How to Make Money online earning

How to Create A Fiverr Account.

All you can do is register only one account on Fiverr.

So step number one is to go to Fiverr.com and create an account. Sign up now for free Once you sign up for free I won't walk you through it. Because you literally just have to go to Fiverr.com and just click sign up. It's like that, and then you're going to be selling from here



 .then you want to go to my business and go through gigs then click on gigs right away. Click here and then. Create a new gig So you want to start a new gig from scratch and now you just need to improve your gig you say for example I will write a professional resume in 12 hours so like this Something of you will deliver it very quickly. Then choose to write a category and write a translated resume and then you can choose the language that you want that you know is the duty of the seller. That is in whatever language you prefer, for example, if I want to say that I only want to sell in English I will choose English. But of course, you can choose multiple languages ​​, and that way you can attract more people and actually get more sales if you target specific countries. I'm going to go and those will be my tags and then I'll click on Save.

And now go ahead you're going to enter your prices so basically, you're going to write the price here so let's say for example I want to sell it for $195 and I can choose a delivery time like just one-day delivery we can do We can actually do more than one review, so I'm going to do two of them. I'm going to enter the basic plan for writing your resume. What are the names and descriptions so you can basically get an idea from it and thus maximize your results and actually see what's already working I won't offer anything extra right now though? I highly recommend it so you can add different extras, basically do upsells and downs ells and cross-sells, and write a bold description and description box for these gigs is all you can do. That you can go back to Fiverr, and you can again find some gigs that are doing well, for example, I'm going to open this one. One just checks what they're putting in the description box it's not the best so I'm going and I'm actually going to find a difference and you just want to see what they're putting in the description box Are their gigs so, for example, this is.

. The nice description so I'm going to take it what we can do is we can just open the quill bot which is a rewriting tool this tool will allow you to rewrite that text with a click of a button now, Of course, you will change them. name with your real name and what you're going to do is basically let me just tell you that all you have to do is put their text inside that box click paraphrase Do and now quill but will rewrite the whole.

How to Make Money online earning.

text for you so that you can use it it's going to become a unique text it's not like stealing their attacks or whatever no this is a little unique you can compare it's an actual unique text on the right side.

which I'm gonna copy and then I can go back and I can use it in my own gig so of course, we will just need to change the name so I'm going to put pave, and then here we have it here's the description box now I'm going to scroll down click on Save and continue and this is a unique tag so it wasn't taken from someone else now you can add the questions like for example uh what job are you applying for and you can ask them for all sorts of different questions whatever you think you might need from them before starting at the delivery and then you will need to create some images or thumbnails for these.

Fiverr gigs s, for example,e this is a thumbnail righthere butthonestlyl,y this is not the best thumbnail ever so what you can simply do if you want to create something similar to this you can just open up a tool called canvas over at the canva.com which is absolutely free and then you can basically just select the custom size here or you can just type in YouTube thumbnail because they're pretty much the same thing so I'm going to type in YouTube thumbnail and we can find a lot of different templates that are already done for you and are absolutely free so let's say for instance I want to create a Fiverr gig out of this guy over here this looks pretty nice so instead of him I would put for example my own picture so I think I have one of my pictures from the left side so yeah here it is so I'm sorry but I will have to replace you and I'm gonna put myself there and it's gonna look something like this all right get a perfect let's say,

for example perfect resume in 12 hours that's my secret weapon in 12 hours because I'm gonna deliver it way faster than everyone else so this is what's actually going to sell it so now I can just click on share click on download and I can download this to my computer so this designer will be onto my computer in seconds I can now just go back to Fiverr and I can just upload it so basically I'm going to drag it and I'm going to place it here this is how it's going to look like this already looks pretty cool so I'm going to click on Save and continue and we can finally publish this gig onto Fiverr sometimes Fiverr is gonna it's gonna ask you to do like the English skills test so you will just quickly take a test you will take a test to show them you actually speak English properly or whatever language that you have

selected like if you selected it you want to sell resumes in Croatian then you will need to take a test in creation to make sure that you actually qualify to sell this type of service now all right you're selling resume services for 300 let's say I'm gonna show you how to actually get sales and all of that but how do you even complete the service like how do you actually fulfill the service because we are doing Drop servicing you don't want to actually write those resumes yourself because there's an easier way to get around it so when someone buys this service from you.

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