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Ministry Of Defence Jobs For Civilians Of Pakistan 2023 Jobs - Online Apply

 Ministry Of Defence Jobs For Civilians Of Pakistan 2023 Jobs - Online Apply

The Government of Pakistan's Ministry of Defence seeks young, bright, and capable Pakistanis to fill open jobs (Ministry of Defence Jobs 2023 | Online Employment Form).

Pakistani citizens seeking employment in the federal government or the Defence ministry should visit this website and review the most recent job announcements from the Defense Ministry.

Candidates can apply from any area of Pakistan, according to the advertising conditions. Both boys and girls are competent to fill the available positions. The vacancy announcement provides information on quotas for women, minorities (non-Muslims), and people with disabilities.

The Defence Ministry solicits online applications from youthful, talented, and effervescent applicants for the Military Lands and Cantonments Departments.

The Ministry of Defence MLC Department has posted job opportunities as an Upper Division Clerk UDC. (BPS-11). Regional quotas are also apportioned and indicated in the advertising, according to federal government laws.

If you live in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, or AJK, you can apply. They must meet the eligibility conditions.

All posts must be filled in conformity with the Civil Servant Act of 1973 (as amended occasionally) and the rules made under it. The roles indicated above are available for transfers throughout Pakistan.

All available jobs are filled on a regular basis, and suitable applicants will be granted a one-year trial period before being employed. To apply for government jobs, go through the proper procedures.

Ministry Of Defence Complete Introduction::

The Ministry of Defence, commonly known as Wazarat-e-Difa or the MoD, is the executive branch of the Pakistani government responsible for protecting the country's interests and principles both at home and abroad. It works with a number of local, international, and intergovernmental organizations and offers major assistance to the Pakistani Armed Forces.

The Pakistan Constitution's Part XII, Chapter II[5] specifies the ministry's existence and functions. In 2004, the Ministry of Defence Manufacturing assumed control of equipment procurement, production, and disposal. In terms of both resources and personnel, the Ministry of Defence is one of the biggest federal departments in the Pakistani government.

In 1776, the British East India Company founded the Military Department in Calcutta. Its successor is the Ministry of Defence. Its principal responsibility was to coordinate and document Army instructions issued by various Departments of the East India Company's administration.

Initially, the Military Department functioned as a branch of the Public Department, maintaining a register of Army forces. The Ministry of Defence was established in Karachi in August 1947, shortly after Pakistan gained independence. During this time, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan served as Minister of Defense and Defense Secretary.

Until 1956, the Pakistani army, navy, and air force were all controlled by British flag commanders. In December 1959, the military administration of then-General Ayub Khan temporarily transferred the federal capital to Rawalpindi while finalizing arrangements for Islamabad.

The proximity of Rawalpindi to the Army Headquarters affected the decision to relocate the capital. In March 1972, President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ordered the move of all service headquarters to Islamabad in response to concerns about the difficulties faced during previous wars in terms of inter-service collaboration.

The Air Headquarters relocated from Peshawar to Sector E10 Islamabad in 1983, however, the Navy was the first to comply, transferring its headquarters from Karachi to Sector E9 Islamabad in 1974. After two failed assassination attempts in Rawalpindi, President Pervez Musharraf renewed plans in 2004 for the whole defense department to relocate to Sector E10 in Islamabad, where the Ministry of Defence and the four service headquarters would be located.

This was later abandoned due to budgetary considerations following Musharraf's forced resignation in 2008.[8] The Ministry of Defence is now situated in Rawalpindi's "Calcutta House." Top-level headquarters in Rawalpindi include the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), Joint Staff Headquarters, and the Army General Headquarters. Both the Air and Naval Headquarters are located in Islamabad.

Important Dates::

Announced Date :: 6th April, 2023

Last Date:: April 18, 2023

Complete Details::

Job Location:: Pakistan

Announced Date:: 6th April 2023

Name Of Department:: Ministry Of Defence

Complete Address:: Military Lands And Cantonments Department, Rawalpindi

No. Of Vacancies:: Multiple

Source From:: Newspaper

Education:: Bachelor

Name Of Vacancies::

UDC (BS-11)

How To Apply For This Job::

1. The MLC Career Portal may be found at Careers.mlc.gov.pk, where interested parties can apply.

2. You may get instructions on how to apply from Careers.mlc.gov.pk.

3. Before April 18, 2023, the application process must be completed.

4. The MLC Career Portal has deposit slips and application forms available.

Advertisement Form::

Ministry Of Defence Jobs For Civilians Of Pakistan 2023 Jobs - Online Apply

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